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‘Bridging Cultures: The Forging of the China Consular Mind’, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 47 (2019), pp. 742-772.

Mediating Empire: An English Family in China. 1817-1927 (Folkestone: Renaissance Books, 2020), 




Dearest Martha: The Letters and Life of Eliza Hillier – Hong Kong, Shanghai, England (Hong Kong: Hong Kong City University Press), forthcoming later this year.

With Simon Landy, ‘At Home in Siam: Being a Consular Wife’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch, forthcoming. 


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Shanghailanders and the Quest for Home

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With a Camera in Yunnan: the Ethnographic Expeditions of Frederic W. Carey


Dear Mother, Dear Father’: Legation Letters Home


The Banker’s Bullet-Ridden Buick


Weihaiwei and the 1st Chinese Regiment – 2. Peking and After


Imperial Boredom; Monotony and the British Empire


I have taken part in an HSBC film about Guy Hillier’s career


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